Road Back

A Vincent Brantley film

The new feature THE ROAD BACK FORWARD gets an inside look at addiction through a twenty year friendship bond between a wealthy white Mormon alcoholic businessman, and his struggling black heroin addict barber as they deal with relapse and the challenges of living in sobriety.

We take an insiders look at the life of an individual who struggles with heroin addiction. 


THE ROAD BACK, provides a compelling look inside drug addiction through the relationship between a wealthy white executive alcoholic living in sobriety and his friend, a black barber hooked on heroine as he tries do deal with relapse and challenges of staying sober. The story is told through the prism of it's director Vincent Brantley, who has a personal connection to substance abuse through his family. It's a story of love, it's a story of life and death, it's a story of triumph.

The story with no definitive beginning or end, will expose the daily reality of the two friends who chose to walk the road of addiction together.


Tom Olson

A recovered alcoholic with a story of his own. Extends his arm in hopes to help another recover from a similar struggle from heroin abuse. 



A local barbor with a powerful influence in the community. Struggling with a drug addiction cries out for help. Ready and willing to take the compelling necessary to change his life.